Can I buy prescription products from Reliable 1 Labs?

Reliable 1 Labs only sells OTCs and Nutritional products including vitamins, minerals and supplements. We focus on providing quality products that compare to many of the leading national brands.

Where will I be able to find your products?

Reliable 1 products are available in most wholesalers. If you are having trouble finding them please call Customer Service at 516-341-0666.

I am looking to find out if your product contains certain allergens. Where can I find that information?

Reliable 1 labels include a “free of section” on the label which lists most common ingredients the product does not contain. A copy of our label is also available on our website (www.reliable1labs.com). If you have any other questions please call Customer Service at 516-341-0666.

How important is the OTC market in US?

The OTC category is about $40 billion in size and grew by about 2.8% during 2014. (source: IRI, 2015)